Chocolate – Salted Caramel Filled Cupcakes

Hello, Who doesn’t love Chocolates? I love Chocolates, and find the combination of chocolates and salted caramel just amazing. I love my salted caramel sauce to be paired with ice creams, cakes, brownies, thick shakes and hot chocolate. My husband had first told me about this amazing cupcake, which his colleague had got for everyone at work place, … More Chocolate – Salted Caramel Filled Cupcakes

The Train Cake

Hello Everyone, I have made this Train Cake for my son’s 3rd Birthday Tea Party at his childcare. I had been busy last two weeks with some shopping and i was so excited buying stuff and creating a loot bag for the kids. Probably because it’s the first time i am doing so. 😛 I … More The Train Cake

Tandoori Pomfret

Pomfret is one of my favorite in seafood. And, if you are a fish lover, then this is the dish you should definitely give a try. Traditionally, any variety of Tandoori is made in a tandoor oven or clay oven. But since i don’t have a traditional tandoor, i have just grilled my pomfret. Ingredients: … More Tandoori Pomfret