Homemade Paneer / Cottage cheese


Today I have made ‘Paneer’ for the very first time & it turned out soft and perfect. I never thought it would be so easy to make at home, or I am wondering was i just luck today 😉 ha ha. I would like to thank ‘chef at large’ members for the recipe. I had gone through most of the paneer posts in Cal and found out that there’s just one straight way of doing it right. And there’s just slight variations on what you want to use for curdling up the milk. You can use lemon juice, vinegar or yogurt for curdling the milk. And I preferred to use yogurt for mine as I have used that before for making my Rasmalai’s earlier.

paneer 1


1 litre Milk

1/2 cup Yogurt

10-15 Ice cubes


  1. Bring a litre of milk to boil on medium flame.
  2. While you keep stirring, add 1 tbsp of beaten yogurt at a time.
  3. Continue heating until the milk completely curdles and you could see the whey water getting separated completely. Switch off the stove and add ice cubes immediately. We don’t want it to cook any further as it would make the paneer hard/grainy.
  4. Now keep a muslin cloth over the metal strainer and strain the paneer.
  5. Wash it thoroughly with cold water to remove any sour smell or flavor.
  6. Squeeze the excess water. Tie the cloth holding the corners and hang it in the sink tap for 1 hour to drain away any excess whey.
  7. Now place the paneer in a flat plate and knead it gently for 4-5 mins to make the paneer smooth.
  8. Put the paneer back in the muslin cloth and tie it up.
  9. Place the paneer in a clean, flat platform and put some weight over it. I used a flat pan topped with the pressure cooker to press the paneer for setting it.
  10. Wait for 3 hrs for the paneer to set and then gently cut your paneer into cubes using knife. You can refrigerate without cutting as well.
  11. Store your paneer in the fridge in a Ziploc bag and use within 2-3 days. Best used fresh.



  • This can be enough to serve 2-3 people if you make any gravy with it. If you are using it from freezer/ fridge, just immerse the paneer in hot water(not boiling) for 10 to 15 mins before you use.
  • Always use muslin cloth to tie the paneer as some cloth retains water. So you will have to squeeze out the water every now and then in that case.
  • If the cloth is not tied up tight enough to hold the shape, then the sides of your paneer may be bit crumbly.
  • I had used a cling wrap to cover the platform before placing the paneer at step 9 and also above the cloth before  placing any weight. Thus preventing from any dirt sticking to your cloth/paneer.
  • You can use lemon or vinegar to curdle the milk instead of curd. But i think the number of paneer would reduce. You can use more curd than mentioned if required, in order to curdle the milk properly.

Thanks for Reading. Happy Cooking!!


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