Mango Ice cream

mango icecream 1


500 ml Thick Whipping Cream

500 ml Alphonso Mango Pulp (i used tinned)

3 Mangoes (peeled, chopped & pureed)

1 Mango (fine chopped)

1 tin (400ml) Condensed Milk

1/2 cup Sugar powder

1 tsp Vanilla essence

few drops of yellow food colour (optional)

8 to 10 ice cubes

mango icecream 2


  1. Keep the mixing bowl and the blades of hand mixer in freezer for at least 20 to 30 mins, as they will be needed for whipping the cream. Make sure the thick cream is chilled too.
  2. Take a bowl and put ice cubes in it.
  3. Add thick cream, vanilla essence and sugar in the mixing bowl that was chilled. Place your mixing bowl on top of the ice bowl and whip the cream until a stiff peak has formed. Do not over beat as it may just curdle up.
  4. Now add mango pulp(tinned), mango puree, condensed milk and yellow colour. Further beat for a minute until all the ingredients have mixed well.
  5. Add chopped mango pieces and mix using a spatula. Transfer it into a chilled container and make sure you cling wrap it. The plastic should touch the ice-cream, thus leaving no space for the ice crystals to be formed.
  6. After 3 hrs mix the ice-cream that is half set with the fork. You can repeat this step one more time. It avoids the ice crystals to be formed.
  7. Freeze for 6 to 8 hrs until the ice cream is fully set, preferably overnight.

mango icecream 3

  • Whenever you are whipping cream, make sure you keep your hand mixers and the mixing bowl in the freezer for at least half hour. Also, make sure that the cream is chilled. This helps in easy whipping of the cream.
  • In order to make sure no ice crystals are formed you need to do 3 things. 1.Transfer into chilled container 2. once ice cream is kept to set. Mix the ice cream with the fork after 3 hrs. Repeating twice. & 3. always cling wrap the ice cream and then close the container with its lid. The plastic should always touch the ice cream thus leaving no space for the ice crystals to be formed.
  • Sadly, as i don’t get Alphonso’s here in Melbourne and as the local mangoes available are not that sweet. I prefer to use partial Alphonso mango pulp(tin) and rest fresh mango pureed. You can definitely substitute tinned mango pulp with the fresh Alphonso mangoes you get there. You might need a kilogram of fresh mangoes for this recipe.

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